Fluid Trading Bot Features

Quick Trades:

  • Limit and Market Orders: Execute trades at record speeds, often in under 10 seconds.

  • Favorite Trades: Save your go-to trades and access them in just two clicks.

  • Stage Triggered Limit Orders: Set conditions for limit orders to be triggered automatically.

  • On-the-Fly Order Editing: Make real-time adjustments to your orders without starting over.

Standard Trades:

  • Limit and Market Orders: Utilize a step-by-step, user-friendly interface for last-minute trading decisions or planning for market volatility.

Risk Management:

Stop Loss / Take Profit / Trailing Stops:

  • Instantly set Stop Loss and Take Profit on any trades.

  • Pre-configure default Stop Loss and Take Profit settings for quick trades.

  • Lock in profits during times of volatility with Trailing Stops.

Account Security:

  • Account Abstraction

  • Minimize security risks associated with bot-generated wallets.

  • Maintain full control of your funds.

  • User controlled Smart Wallets.

Asset Management:

Asset Bridge:

  • Effortlessly bridge assets between different blockchains.

  • Transfer assets to different wallets across chains.

  • Receive gas on destination chains.


Fully Customizable Trading Settings:

  • Set your preferred gas prices.

  • Adjust slippage settings according to your risk tolerance.

  • Personalized notifications.

  • Customizable Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stops

  • Automated token approvals

Real-Time Analytics:

  • Performance Metrics: Track your trading performance with detailed metrics such as ROI, win/loss ratio, and average trade duration.

  • Live Market Data: Access live price feeds, volume data, and other crucial market indicators directly within the bot interface.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Review past trades, identify patterns, and refine your trading strategies with historical data charts and insights.

  • Portfolio Overview: Get a snapshot of your asset distribution, total portfolio value, and projected growth based on current market trends.

Notification Alerts:

  • Trade Execution Alerts: Receive instant notifications once your trades are executed, ensuring you're always in the loop.

  • Price Alerts: Set custom price thresholds for specific assets and get alerted when those prices are reached.

  • Market News Alerts: Stay updated with major market news that could impact your trading decisions.

  • Security Alerts: Get notified of any suspicious activities or potential security breaches related to your account.

  • Custom Alerts: Customize and set your own alerts based on specific conditions or indicators you're tracking.

Social Sharing:

  • Trade Sharing: Share your successful trades or strategies with a community of traders, fostering a collaborative trading environment.

  • Leaderboards: Engage in friendly competition by ranking on leaderboards based on trading performance or other metrics.

  • Community Insights: Tap into community-driven insights, predictions, and strategies, enhancing your trading knowledge.

  • Privacy Controls: Choose what you share and with whom, ensuring your trading strategies and data remain as private as you want them to be.

  • Interactive Polls & Discussions: Engage in or initiate polls and discussions on market trends, predictions, or any other trading-related topics.