Asset Management

Efficiently handling and overseeing your holdings is crucial. It's akin to having a well-organized portfolio where you can track, manage, and optimize your assets.

  • Cross-Chain Bridging & Swaps: Seamlessly transfer or swap assets between different blockchain networks. Whether you're bridging assets between blockchains with the Asset Bridge or using Cross-Chain Swaps to exchange assets before bridging, it's designed for smooth transactions.

  • Cross-Chain Wallet Change: The ability to bridge assets across networks into a different wallet address.

  • Gas at Destination Chain: Automatically receive gas money in your new bridged wallet. Giving the user immediate access to trading.

  • Standard Asset Transfer: The regular process of sending or receiving cryptocurrencies within the same blockchain network. It's the basic, no-frills method to relocate your assets, reminiscent of a standard bank transfer but tailored for the crypto world.