Media Kit

Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our brand guidelines. This page provides an overview of our brand's visual and verbal elements, ensuring consistency and clarity across all platforms and communications. This information is intended for sharing to promote the project.

Brand Essence

Our brand embodies a futuristic feel, drawing inspiration from the advanced and evolving world of robotics. Gradients are a signature element in our design, adding depth, dynamism, and a modern touch to our visuals.


Transparent Background. White Lettering.

Transparent Background: Black Lettering

Usage Guidelines:

  • Respect the Logo: All logos are the property of our brand and should always be linked back to the Fluid Documentation when used online.

  • Format: All logos are provided in PNG format with transparent backgrounds.

  • Minimum Size: To ensure the logo remains legible, never reduce the logo to a width less than 100 pixels for digital or 1 inch for print.

  • Clear Space: Always maintain a clear space around the logo. This space ensures that headlines, text, or other visual elements do not encroach on the logo. The clear space is equal to half the height of the logo.

  • Do Not Alter: The logo should not be altered in any way. Do not rotate, skew, or apply effects to the logo. Always use the approved versions.

Color Scheme

  • Brand Blue: HEX: #443bff

  • Brand Aqua: HEX: #18ddf7

  • Soft Lavender: HEX: #f2f0ff

  • Muted Purple: HEX: c2accf



  • Olschool Grotesk: Used in Regular and Medium weights.

  • Rubik: Used in Regular and Bold weights.

Teaser Videos

Introduction to Fluid:

Voice & Tone

Brand Voice: Fun but professional. Our brand strikes a balance between being approachable and maintaining a professional demeanor.

Brand Tone: While our tone is light-hearted and fun, we ensure that our communications are clear, direct, and respectful.

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