Risk Management

Managing potential downsides is crucial when trading to prevent unexpected losses.

  • Stop Loss: This is a foundational tool for proactive risk management. With the Stop Loss feature, traders can set a specific price at which a position will be automatically sold. This acts as a safeguard, preventing further losses if the market takes an unfavorable turn. By setting a stop loss, traders can have peace of mind knowing they have a predetermined exit point to limit potential downside.

  • Take Profit: Another essential tool in a trader's arsenal, Take Profit, allowing traders to set a target price at which their position will be sold automatically. This ensures that traders can lock in their desired profits when the market conditions are favorable. By using the Take Profit feature, traders can capitalize on positive market movements without the need to constantly monitor and manually execute trades.

These tools are designed to give users more control over their investments, ensuring they can act strategically and protect their assets in a volatile market.