Social Features

These tools and functionalities introduce a community or social dimension to trading. It's about forging connections, learning from peers, and even challenging them in the trading arena. Planned Development:

  • Copy Trading: Automatically replicate the trading decisions of seasoned and successful traders. It's akin to shadowing a mentor, allowing you to leverage their expertise for your benefit.

  • Trading Simulator: Practice makes perfect and we want you to win. Enjoy a full simulator that will feel like the real thing and hone your craft before adding your hard earned money.

  • Competitions: Engage in trading contests to measure your skills against fellow traders. It's an interactive way to refine your strategies, glean insights from others, and potentially secure rewards.

  • Insights & Community Insights: Tap into shared knowledge or analyses from veteran traders or the broader community. It's a reservoir of collective wisdom, offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

  • Leaderboards & Trade Sharing: Rank and showcase traders based on performance, strategies, or other metrics. Witness who's at the forefront, draw inspiration, and perhaps even aspire to clinch the top position. With Trade Sharing, you can also share your trades with the community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual learning.

  • AI Sentiment Trading: Utilize artificial intelligence to discern the market's prevailing sentiment or mood, drawing from diverse data sources like social media or news outlets. It's a tool that captures the collective psyche of traders, forecasting market trends accordingly.

  • AI News Trading: An advanced tool that employs AI to sift through and interpret news articles, press releases, and other media, predicting their potential market influence. Imagine a highly astute assistant that distills all the news and indicates its possible trading implications. One channel you will never have to mute.

  • Interactive Features: Engage with the community through Interactive Polls & Discussions, fostering a vibrant and collaborative trading environment. Plus, with Privacy Controls, you can determine what you share and with whom, ensuring your trading activities align with your comfort level.