Account Security

Ensuring your investments and personal details are safe is paramount. It's the foundation that gives you peace of mind when trading or holding cryptocurrencies. We are dedicated to focus on implementing these and other tools to help keep you secure. We are in direct discussion with several OPSEC specialists and large derivative platforms to figure out the best way to protect your assets.

  • Secure Wallets: Specialized tools or storage solutions designed to safeguard your cryptocurrencies. Think of them as advanced safes for your digital assets, protecting against hacks, unauthorized access, and other threats.

  • Account Abstraction: Fluid is going to simplify some of the complexities of managing a cryptocurrency account, minimizing risks like bot-generated wallet threats. Instead of grappling with intricate details, users benefit from a streamlined and user-friendly experience, akin to driving a powerful car with an intuitive dashboard.

  • User-controlled Smart Wallets: Empower users with direct control over their wallets, ensuring an added layer of security and autonomy in managing their assets.