Revenue Sharing Model

Trading Fees Distribution:

  • 50% Token Holders*: A significant portion of the trading fees goes directly to those holding the token, rewarding their participation and investment.

  • 30% Development: This allocation ensures continuous improvement, innovation, and maintenance of the platform, ensuring it remains competitive and user-friendly.

  • 20% Foundation / Operational Expenses: This portion is dedicated to the foundation's initiatives and the day-to-day operational costs, ensuring the platform's sustainability and growth.

Tax Distribution (5% tax):

  • 40% Token Holders*: Token holders receive a substantial part of the tax, further incentivizing their involvement and trust in the platform.

  • 40% Development / Marketing: This allocation not only supports the platform's technical advancements but also its promotional activities, ensuring it reaches a wider audience and gains more traction.

  • 20% Foundation / Operational Expenses: A dedicated portion for the foundation's endeavors and the operational costs, ensuring smooth running and long-term viability.

*Minimum token balance required - TBA

Fluid expressly reserves the unilateral right, at its sole discretion, to amend, modify, or alter the terms and conditions of the reward program at any time and without prior notice.