Referral System

Join our affiliate program and benefit from a rewarding structure that lets users earn from the trading activities of your referrals.

  • Earn from Referrals: Receive between 10-15% of the total trading fees generated by those you refer. With our Tiered Earnings Structure, the more volume your referrals generate, the higher your earnings, allowing you to ascend the system and maximize your rewards.

  • Trading Fee Discounts for New Users: Encourage sign-ups by offering new users a 10% reduction in trading fees, making it a win-win for both you and them.

  • Payouts in ETH: Enjoy your rewards in Ethereum with our monthly payout system, ensuring timely and consistent rewards for your efforts.

  • Transparent Tracking: Keep a clear record of your earnings, referrals, and their trading volumes, ensuring you're always informed about your performance.

  • Growth Potential: The sky's the limit! With our volume-based referral tiers, there's always room to grow and earn more.

Official Affiliate Partnerships

For our handpicked affiliate partners, we offer an exclusive deal:

  • Exceptional Earnings: Selected partners will enjoy up to a 40% share of trading fees generated by their referrals, marking our commitment to fostering strong, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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